How to Receive a Cylum Finance Airdrop IMO

How to Receive a Cylum Finance Airdrop IMO, the CYLUM/LIBERO ratio is 2.5, making CYLUM an excellent choice for investors as its liquidity/circulating supply ratio is double that of LIBERO. In addition, a Cylum cylinder is a backup fund of 1,000 $BNB, and as a result, if the DAO is successful, the price of this cryptocurrency is expected to double during the next IMO round.

Cylum Cylinder is a 1,000 $BNB backup fund

The 1,000 $BNB Cylum cylinder is a cryptocurrency that helps the DAO provide reassurance to investors. During its launch, 2% of the supply was burned. The token is already listed on several exchanges, including PancakeSwap and Coinmarketcap. You can receive an airdrop by creating a Metamask BSC wallet and adding it to your watchlist. Next, send at least three positive tweets and tag three people. Lastly, you need to have a Coinmarketcap watchlist and vote for Cylum Finance on Coinsniper or WarcherGuru.

CYLUM’s liquidity/circulating supply ratio is 2.5 times that of LIBERO

Unlike LIBERO and Titano, CYLUM is fully decentralized and requires no external wallet. With Libero, you must rely on the centralized wallet, which can fail for various reasons, including power or internet outages. In addition, Titano has no auto-compounding reward, which can make it very difficult for holders to make large profits. Unlike LIBERO, CYLUM’s contract is native to the underlying blockchain, making it resistant to centralized problems.

The CYLUM ecosystem runs on the blockchain and is a launchpad for Metaverse initiatives on the Binance Sensible Chain. The Cylum Auto-Staking Protocol is a ground-breaking monetary protocol that streamlines staking and delivers the largest fixed annual percentage yield in the market. Moreover, the platform’s NFT marketplace and UGC gaming technologies are based on the same blockchain.

During the launch, 2% of the circulating supply will be burned routinely. However, this percentage may increase or decrease depending on the number of holders and the total number of tokens held. Cylum’s multi-chain Decentralized app, NFT minting, and normal token mining will power its Mainnet. The $CYM tokens will serve as the driving force of the mainnet, while Mainnet $CYM cash will be distributed to traders who wish to optimize their earnings.

CYLUM’s price will double on next IMO round

It’s not an exaggeration to say that CYLUM’s price will double in the next IMO round. The difficulty of farming will also double. This means that you will get less $CYM in your wallet than you did before claiming your first IMO. However, the Cylum Team has been in communication with the CERTIK team, and they have agreed to complete their review of the project and audit before the second IMO sale. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine. We have come to the end of our How to Receive a Cylum Finance Airdrop IMO topic.

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