Benefits of Working With Financiera Confianza in Peru

Benefits of Working With Financiera Confianza in Peru, The company is in the microfinance sector and offers credits to SME and personal loans. The company also offers savings accounts and deposits. It also offers insurance products. It offers savings accounts, mortgage loans, personal loans, and insurance products. It has 500,000 credit and savings customers and a presence in Quechua communities. Founded in 1985, Financiera Confianza SAA offers loans for different purposes. Its products include mortgage loans, personal loans, and credit to SME.

500,000 credit and savings customers

The financial institution, Financiera Confianza, was established in Peru with the goal of serving disadvantaged communities with access to finance. Since its founding, the firm has achieved some impressive results. Today, it is the leading credit provider in rural areas and is helping 41% of poor customers exit poverty. In 2015, it reached a new milestone, including the inclusion of 42% of 93,500 newly-included customers into the financial system.

The financial institution has a diverse portfolio of about 500,000 credit and savings customers. Most customers are citizens of low means and live in remote regions throughout Peru. The bank has offices in 25 different regions. According to its General Manager and executives, the majority of the company’s new customers are women and under 30 years old. Approximately two-thirds live in rural areas. The bank also works with women in order to empower women through education, business, and credit.

Financial education

Financiera Confianza is a microfinance company in Peru. It is part of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation network and offers a USD 20 million loan facility. The company focuses on small businesses and micro entrepreneurs, many of whom are from underprivileged communities. Because of this, Financiera Confianza has a strong rural presence. Here are some of the advantages of working with this organization.

First and foremost, Financiera Confianza has helped many Peruvians start formal savings habits. Its program has reached over 12,000 people from eight rural communities and 2,400 in the Andes. It has helped nearly 41% of its poor customers lift themselves out of poverty. More than two-thirds of new customers are women. It has been noted that these programs have helped reduce the level of distrust in the financial system and increased a sense of security.

The company’s innovative approach has allowed it to offer a wide range of services. Some of its most noteworthy innovations include risk management training and a voluntary multi-risk insurance product. Both of these products protect clients against unforeseen expenses. The company also has a strong business plan framework to help its clients improve their chances of a successful launch. In short, Financiera Confianza is the most comprehensive microfinance firm in Peru.

Multi-risk insurance product

In the microfinance sector, Financiera Confianza SAA provides services to SME, mortgage loans and personal loans. It also offers savings accounts, deposits, and insurance products. Multi-risk insurance is an optional product that protects clients against unforeseen expenses. It is important to protect your assets and your family with an appropriate insurance policy. Listed below are some benefits of multi-risk insurance:

Impact on quechua communities

Financiera Confianza is a private initiative in rural Peru that is working to increase formal savings habits. In the past year alone, Confianza has reached more than 12,000 people in 80 rural communities throughout the Andes, making it one of the country’s most effective financial education programs. Eighty percent of the new savers are women. The program has helped reshape women’s role in the family economy and has reduced distrust in the financial system.

Financiera Confianza was formed in Peru in 2001 and has already achieved significant results. Its mission is to promote sustainable development among poor communities. By promoting productive and responsible finance, it seeks to bring the opportunities of a new era within the reach of all. In 2016, Financiera Confianza served 93,500 people who previously lived in poverty. Despite the challenges that it faces, the organization has managed to help a diverse array of entrepreneurs.

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