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An Overview of Australia’s Online Betting Together with the popularity of the internet in the early 90s, online gambling also came into the picture. One of the things that most visitors in Australia would ask is, whether or not online gambling is legal in the country. Australia is known for its interesting history on online gambling and for years, the Aussies have been trying to revamp certain laws that directly impact online betting. While online betting is allowed in the country, there is more to that “Yes!” that every casino operator and gambler has to understand so as not to get into trouble. The country has certain laws in place that strongly condemns the presence of online operators in the country, which makes Australian history on online gambling a very interesting one. These laws are very stringent that any online operator would think twice, before challenging these laws. While there are certain laws that restricts online gambling operators, there’s not much that you can find that curtails the right of every Australian player to put their bets online. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 is a law that was passed in June 2001 that strongly protects the interest of the Australian public from the harmful effects of online gambling. It was passed by the Howard-Government and strongly prohibits the advertising of real-money interactive gambling services to citizens of the country. It has a twofold purpose: to prohibit the advertising and the offering of real-money interactive gambling services to every Australian citizen.
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Not all online casinos are covered under this law, but the advertisement of any entity within the borders of Australia is strongly prohibited. For companies who dare challenge this law and is caught operating and advertising in the country, they will likely get penalized a whopping $1.1 million every day. Foreign online gaming operators, however, are not subject to this law, thus they can continue on operating online without advertising within the Australian soil. The allowance given to these foreign entities prompted Australian gamblers to make use of offshore casino websites to play their game. There are a lot of licensed online casinos that continue to attract Australian players and these operators are independently audited to maintain the integrity and security of all online bets. While the country is very strict in imposing laws against online casino operators, Australia still has one of the highest gambling participants across the globe. Operation of online gambling is strongly prohibited, but all other forms of offline and land-based betting is allowed in the country. For the thrill seeking Australian and for those who have money their disposal, gambling remains to be a top form of entertainment in the country. From Baccarat to Roulette, from Blackjack to Poker, there is always an Australian who is ready to place their bets and try their luck.