Protect Your Valuables! Safe Spots To Store Your Stash

Depending on your living situation, you might need a safe place to store your stash. Maybe you’re still living with your parents. Perhaps you have roommates who like to poach off of you. Maybe your spouse or significant other is not accepting of your canna-habit. Where do you hide it though? These are the most unobtrusive and creative places I’ve found to store your stash.

In An Old Computer

If you’re a techie stoner, you probably have an old Computer lying around. Unscrew the case and store your stash in there. Screw it back up and no one will think to check in there, especially if it’s sealed tight! Don’t do this with a computer that you’re currently using.

Inside A Book

Surely you’ve seen this trick in movies and TV shows. Take a book that you don’t care about, (and most importantly that no one else will care about) hollow it out, and store your stash in there. Pick a book that you think no one in your household would want to read. This is one case where Sarah Palin’s biography would actually be useful.

The Pocket Of A Jacket You Never Wear

This hiding spot worked for me for years. After making sure that your stash is properly sealed, or double bagged, stick it in the pocket of a jacket that you have in the back of your closet. If you have a jacket with a secret pocket or a hole in the lining, all the better. Make sure this jacket is buried in your closet, not quite at the end of the rack, but close to it.

An Old Stick Of Deodorant

When you have a stick of deodorant that is at the point where the stick falls out, this makes a great place to hide your stash. It’s inconspicuous, and the deodorant helps cover up the dank smell. Just don’t throw it out on accident.

A Flower Pot

If you don’t mind getting a little dirt under your fingernails, hiding your stash in a flower pot is a great idea. Make sure that you’re not using a pot with a growing plant, otherwise you’ll kill it when you try to dig up your stash. If you’re doing this, you should absolutely have your stash sealed tight in tupperware or multiple bags, otherwise you’ll have moldy cannabis.

Coffee Can

Coffee beans are very aromatic and coffee cans are quite large. This makes a coffee can a pretty good place to hide your stash. Make sure that you’re hiding it at the bottom of the can, and that it’s tightly sealed of course. Monitor the coffee can and move your stash to a new place when the can gets below halfway. This is a better stash place if you’re the one who controls the coffee, and don’t live with parents who are avid coffee drinkers.

Pair Of Shoes

Preferably you should use a pair of boots. This is an excellent hiding spot if you’re a person who owns a lot of shoes, that are buried in the back of your closet. The advantage to using boots is that they are larger and deeper. You can get away with using a pair of Vans or Converse too. I do not recommend using high heels or open toed shoes.

Empty Pill Bottle

If you live in a household that takes a lot of vitamins and have a shelf in the closet devoted entirely to them, then this is the hiding place for you. Take an empty pill bottle of a vitamin or supplement that you know is rarely used and hide your stash in there. I’ve known people that have hid their pot this way for years, and it’s never been found. If you are the only female in a household you can hide your stash in your prenatal vitamins and no one will ever find it.

Inside An Instrument/ Guitar Amp

If you’re a musician, or you just bought a guitar and never picked it up, you can store your stash inside the guitar. If you have an amp you can try unscrewing the back and hiding it inside the amp. Remember to remove it before you use your amp. Honestly, you can store weed in pretty much any instrument, except for a trumpet. I used to hide bags rolled up neatly inside my flute. No one ever found it, as far as I know.

There’s lots of safe places that you can store your stash, especially if you’re one of the more creative types. One of my friends used to hide nugs all around the house, so everyday was like a cannabis easter egg hunt. I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you live with your parents though. Most important thing is: don’t forget where you hid it!