Stash Safes – Stash Safes Keep Your Valuables Secure From Any Burglars

39Stash Safes are a great way to keep your home or office safe and secure. These items are designed and manufactured for one purpose – to blend in with the regular household items of little interest for burglars. Why would someone waste valuable ‘burglary’ time looking at a book on a table or a can of Del Monte Corn when there are real items left around in plain sight to steal?

Stash Safes (sometimes called Can or Diversion Safes) come in varieties to be placed in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, even the garage. Why do they work to keep your valuables safe?

These safes are simply decoys – exact replicas of other common items found in every home except that they are cleverly hollowed out to enable you to put your valuables in them. Using the ample space inside, you can store possessions like watches, cash, jewelry, gold coins – almost anything that is of value to you that you want to keep hidden yet in plain sight.

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Business Productivity Gains Can Come From Seemingly Small Tasks

38Many businesses fall into a trap by focusing on core processes for productivity gains while ignoring potentially hundreds of small, tedious, administrative tasks that threaten to bog down the team. The flow of work, pace of decisions and even responsiveness to customers can be severely hampered by these tasks while the business strives to solve bigger challenges. At some point the cumulative effect of such non-core and yet required tasks becomes a drag on the ability to perform and grow.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the information technology division of the business. IT is where the priorities of the business go be converted into efficient and productive systems. Nowhere in the list of priorities did a host of administrative tasks appear as a priority and you would not expect to find them there considering the importance of core processes that drive the operation of the business. However, the productivity gains that may be achieved with just a small bit of attention to these tasks can have a dramatic ability to free up precious employee time to focus on getting the more important job done.

The IT organization supported by the heads of various business and operating divisions, have become masters at hunting buffaloes. No measly squirrels for them. They are so busy preparing the big guns, hunting parties and horses to go and hunt for the buffaloes that they are seemingly unaware that the squirrels are stealing their stash of nuts that was supposed to provide energy during the winter months. In much the same way, the focus on large projects allows the burden of many small administrative tasks to steal away valuable time and productivity.

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3 steps to a safer retirement stash

42If all you want to do is protect yourself from a market downturn, the answer is simple: Put your dough in FDIC-insured accounts. Even if stock prices go into a free fall, your principal and investment earnings will be safe.

But that’s not a real solution for most people. We know that severe market setbacks are inevitable — and we get particularly concerned when stock prices are at or near a peak — but we’re not able to predict their timing. For example, when the Dow dropped 15% in the summer of 2011 amid concerns about S&P’s downgrade of U.S. Treasury debt, many investors feared the slide would continue. In fact, the Dow subsequently rose nearly 70%. So hunkering down in bank savings accounts, CDs and the like could relegate you to subpar inflation-lagging returns for a long time.

Which means that you can’t invest just to avoid a loss. You’ve got to develop a strategy that gives you reasonable protection from short-term setbacks in the financial markets but also offers a shot at investment gains generous enough to grow your nest egg if retirement is still a ways off, or assure your savings will be able to support you the rest of your life, if you’ve already called it a career.

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Real Estate Asset Protection

37For a majority of us, real estate is our most valuable asset. It might be your dream house for which you used all your savings or a farmhouse that you bought in the countryside, as a weekend getaway. No one would like to see such assets come under the threat of creditors and lawsuits.

It a given fact that real estate is one of the most fought after asset in recovery suits. Firstly, this is so because of its visibility. After all you cannot stash your house in your pocket and hide it away from your creditors or from frivolous lawsuit mongers. Secondly, real estate offers good returns. Normally, land and real estate assets only appreciate in value, and are subject to zero or low depreciation. This lends a special place to real estate as an asset. Because of all these reasons, it becomes very important to protect your real estate.

Strategies for protecting your real estate are actually readily available. In reality, these might not be the right choices for you. The safest strategies are those that have been tested in the court and are known to be successful. The next are those that lie on the so-called ?pioneering frontier,? being so original that the creditors have not yet identified them as an asset protection strategy. These strategies give the debtor a considerable edge over the creditor, who might have a hard time trying to figure out the strategy while in litigation.

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Are You Confident About Your Financial Future?

36We all use it, it is the common way we acquire services and goods on a daily basis. We trade our time for it. We rely on it to provide for our future, stash it away in belief that it will still have value in the future. It is our currency be it Dollars, Euros, whatever, but it is not as trustworthy as you may think. Look I am by no means a qualified financial adviser or guru in any form, but I am going to explain to the best of my ability; that you should start looking at other forms of investment to secure your financial future.

Fiat currency

All national currencies are called fiat currencies. What does this mean? Well Investopedia’s definition of a fiat currency is:

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